10 Years of Being a People-Person

Old age is good, and whilst I won’t tell you how many birthdays I’ve had, our company is ten this year.  I’m proud to be here and to have a great team of people who work for us.  In fact, life in general is good, the first major holiday of the season kicked us into Spring last weekend – and we finally have the sunny weather in Wales to match (which I can assure you has been a long time coming!)

As the individual who manages staff holiday planning in our business, I can testify that a little bit of sunshine does wonders for increasing leave requests.  I’m luckier than most – as Commercial Director of a software business that offers cloud based leave planning and absence management software, I’m able to approve or reject leave requests with a single click.
I haven’t forgotten the old days of spreadsheets though, and I’m always impressed by HR Managers who still juggle spreadsheets and paper forms.  They somehow manage the intrusive phone calls and resolve the annual leave disputes without dropping any balls!  In a digital age with online calendars, where even birthdays are managed with Facebook reminders, its a little concerning that many of our largest businesses use spreadsheets and paper to manage holiday, leaving HR Managers stressed and with little or no analytics. Read More…