Absence Management in Schools & Education

We have a large number of clients in the education sector, including private schools, academies and infant schools, as well as adult learning centres and universities.

Staff in the educational sector take on average 10.1 days sick per year (CIPD 2016 report).  Managing absence among different types of staff with spreadsheets, paper forms and SIMS makes life difficult.  SIMS gives you limited information about sickness among teaching staff, but is of no help with your administration team.

Schools in particular struggle to  accurately calculate the cost of staff sickness.  Being in the public sector means you have strict targets to meet and guidelines to follow, but meeting targets is difficult if your system isn’t geared up to support them.

Activ Absence is designed to manage absence in the most efficient way possible, we offer strong reporting capabilities and trigger points to make most of the absence management processes automatic.

The ability to handle any type of leave, including staff holiday planning, study leave, parental leave, teacher training days and flexible workers – meaning that schools can always plan effectively and manage absence easily, no matter how diverse their staff.

We have found Codel an easy company to deal with, and very responsive to enquiries. Activ Absence is intuitive, user-friendly, and does what is required.

Edward Parsons

Finance Director, Creative Learning Partners