Absence Management in the Pharmaceutical Sector

absence management in schools and education

Clients in the Pharmaceutical Sector are bound by strict codes of conduct and require the highest standards of discretion.

Our security cleared development team work with some of the UK’s largest pharmaceutical developers and chemist chains under strict confidentiality agreements.

We have achieved ISO 27001 for maintaining high standards of data security and are listed on the Government’s G Cloud.

The types of confidential client we work with in this sector include:

  • A large Scottish pharmaceutical dispensing chain
  • An American biotechnology company employing more than 11,000 people around the world
  • A multi-national pharmaceutical research and development business
  • A global market research and consulting agency providing custom solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • A leading charitable life sciences institute
  • A clinical trial logistics specialist
  • An opthalmics pharmaceutical specialist

“We are bound by strict contract rules, so please don’t use our name in your marketing.  However, we are delighted with the ability Activ Absence has given us to manage multiple workers across worldwide locations, all with different leave allowances.  It still gives an instant overall picture of absence within the organisation, which is fantastic.”