High rates of staff sickness absence? What tools are you using?


Post it Notes


Paper Forms



Effective staff absence management starts with the right tools.  Spreadsheets, notes and paper systems may record staff sickness, but they won’t help you manage sick days or give you the absence management data you need.

A  recent survey found that 23% of UK businesses don’t even keep records on staff sickness – but staff absence adds up.

Staff sickness software could make a huge difference to both your absence rates and your business.

CIPD’s Annual Report on Staff Sickness

The CIPD Annual Employee Absence Survey reports on sickness absence data across a wide range of industries.  In 2016, staff sickness was equal to 6.3 days absence per staff member.  This is significantly higher in the public sector.

Based on this data, here’s how sick days add up for an employer with 200 staff:

No. of staff

No. of sick days each

Lost working days

Employers using our sickness absence software usually experience a 25-30% reduction in unplanned absence.  Why not book a demo to see if we can help you?

Absence Management tools for tackling short term absence

Short term absence is often the most disruptive.  This impact is illustrated by the Bradford Factor.  Activ Absence management tools deliver an effective absence management strategy that reinforces your company’s absence policies.

Accurate Absence Recording

Absence Analysis & Reports

Robust Return to Work

Absenteeism and the excuses staff make

Whilst staff sickness is no laughing matter, some of the sickie excuses we’ve heard for taking sick days have made us smile.

We compiled some of the funniest sickie excuses into our video – which became an instant hit:

Absence Management tools for long term Sickness Absence

Long term employee sickness requires a different management approach.

Employers will want to minimise the period of absence, carefully manage and record every step of the process, and support the employee to return to work when they are ready.  Activ Absence sickness software can assist in many ways:



Track GP Fit for Work Notes

A Robust Return to Work Process


Trigger Points for Regular Reviews

Referrals to External Professionals

Activ Absence reinforces your Absence Management Policy

Having a formal absence management policy ensures consistent handling of staff sickness absence, which is important in an increasingly litigious society.

The Activ Absence system supports and reinforces your staff sickness policy and can be configured specifically to work the way you do.

If you don’t have a staff sickness policy yet, Activ Absence helps you put a formal framework in place, and the trigger points and absence management reports will monitor staff sickness automatically.  

The system acts as a deterrent to staff sickness, and businesses using our software report a 20-30% reduction in short term sickness absence and better management of long term staff sickness.