The 360 Degree Performance Appraisals System

You went to a lot of work to find the right people,  so when you have sourced the right talent, you need to keep them focussed and motivated with regular performance reviews.

Performance appraisals are more than a ‘time consuming paper exercise’, as it is an opportunity to engage with your people, assess what investments you can make in them and steer them towards the business goals that are most important to your organisation.


The whole performance picture


Traditional appraisals mean one Manager (and sometimes HR) give their opinion and experience on a person – and a persons’s whole performance review is based entirely on that one view.

This may neglect valuable information from peers, suppliers and Managers, and also neglects an employee’s training, absence and achievements which can go unnoticed.

Activ Appraisals software is designed to give you the full picture and allows you to record, recognise and reward even the small achievements.


Benefits of Activ Appraisals Software


Using Activ Appraisals Software means that the performance review can be undertaken with a clear understanding of your employees – and if you are also using the other Activ People HR modules, you’ll have even more information.

This means your team will truly understand their talent pool, which in turn will lead to increased staff retention and improved productivity.

Information from past reviews and performance during the last period also means you can measure and record goals and track progress since the last review – reviewing if goals were met.  You can also set and record new goals to make sure your staff goals are aligned with your business goals.

Activ Appraisals is a software module that is designed to work the way your people do and help you get the best from your most valuable resource.