Key Benefits of Activ Absence Management Software

Key Benefits for Employees

  • Personal online staff holiday planner
  • Holiday, sickness absence & bradford factor scores.
  • Who else is off in their department/team/job role
  • Make leave requests quickly and easily
  • Hassle free self certification for absence

Key Benefits for Line Managers

  • Quick access to key information about their team
  • Approve or reject leave requests in one click from email
  • Access the software on any device at any time
  • Staff in need of management support identified quickly
  • No more annual leave clashes or key skill shortage crisis

Key Benefits for HR Departments

  • Reduces time-sapping leave queries
  • Automated trigger points to monitor absence
  • More time to spend on supporting your people
  • Annual leave & sickness policies consistently applied
  • Better reporting & management of absence costs

Key Benefits for the Organisation

  • Better control over costs & better data on your people
  • Improved targetting of valuable HR time & resources
  • Reduced absenteeism & better motivation
  • Cloud based means no hassle or deployment issues
  • Consistent application of HR policies organisation-wide