Ensuring that you get a grip on your staff absence may seem like a daunting task, however it will make a big difference to your organisation in the future.
Ensuring that you staff are aware that their sickness is being monitored will help cut down on short term absences (i.e. Monday mornings and Friday afternoons) 
The most common and effective way of implementing an absence strategy is by setting some “trigger points“. For example, if someone has had 3 separate episodes of sickness a meeting will be arrange with HR. Another could be if someone is off on long term sick, regular contact is prompted to ensure a quick, simple and smoother return to work process.
All of the above sounds great but naturally will take time and effort to put into action if you are using Spreadsheets, paper based forms and a wall chart in the office.
Activ Absence Control is an online absence management system that gives you the visibility of absence facts and figures, so your organisation can truly understand the direct and indirect costs of planned and unplanned absence. Get the most from your absence data with a complete set of absence reporting and analysis tool such as trigger point alerts and built-in Bradford Factor scoring, enabling you to practicably manage individual cases of absenteeism.
We also understand that the cost of implementing something like Activ Absence Control may seem too much for your organisation, so in order to help you see just how much implementing a solution like ours can save you money, try our Cost of Absence Calculator
If you would like to see just how easy it can be to set up trigger alerts for your organisation using Activ Absence Control, we can do this with our online demonstrations. Just click the button below and leave the rest up to us!
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