There is less than a month before the 2014 World Cup kicks off meaning millions of employees will be eager to catch all the action!

Recent figures*, 250 millions working hours will be lost due to this sporting event due to sickness absence, lateness and poor performance. People are now referring to this disruption as “world cup fever”, meaning that every 4 years it will strike again and spread like wild fire!

Business Mann mit fussball träumt vom fussball

Unfortunately, it would be impossible for businesses to increase annual leave entitlement to allow for these events, but there have been other suggested alternatives…

  • Flexible working – allow staff time off at certain games
  • Shift Swaps – for employees who aren’t that bothered about sports
  • Screening at work – showing the big games at work, boosting work morale and pleasing staff in return

Again, these options may not be possible in your work place so here is where Activ Absence Control comes into play… like what we did there?!

Some matches may be shown late at night, so you may get get employees calling in sick the next day after a heavy night… we can help you set up trigger points to make sure this is monitored and recorded effectively. For example, if an employee has requested annual leave but it was declined due to lack of staff but they then call in sick, this would prompt a trigger alert to HR or their line manager informing them if this incident.

Contact us today for a free no obligation online demonstration which will take around 30 – 45 minutes!

Make sure the “world cup fever” stays under control in your organisation this year!


* According to a survey by telecoms and IT services provider Coms plc – See more at: