The first Monday in February is the day British workers are most likely to ring in sick .

The fact that we have had wintry weather, January blues and the Six Nations have begun, workers will be more likely to “pull a sickie”. 

The cost to the economy in lost work and business opportunities, the cost of salaries and overtime payments, was to be estimated at more than £32 million in 2013…


  1. A can of baked beans landed on my big toe
  2. I was swimming too fast and smacked my head on the poolside
  3. I’ve been bitten by an insect
  4. My car handbrake broke and it rolled down the hill into a lamppost
  5. My dog has had a big fright and I don’t want to leave him
  6. My hamster has died
  7. I’ve injured myself during sex
  8. I slipped on a coin
  9. I’ve had a sleepless night
  10. My mum has died (this was the second time the person used this excuse)
  11. I am hallucinating
  12. I am stuck in my house because the door’s broken
  13. My new girlfriend bit me in a delicate place
  14. I burned my hand on the toaster
  15. The dog ate my shoes
  16. My fish is sick
  17. I swallowed white spirit
  18. My toe is trapped in the bath tap
  19. I’m in A&E as I got a clothes peg stuck on my tongue
  20. I drank too much and fell asleep on someone’s floor – I don’t know where I am
  21. My trousers split on the way to work
  22. I’m using a new contact lens solution and my eyes are watering
  23. I have a blocked nose
  24. I’ve had a hair dye disaster
  25. I’ve got a sore finger
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