What does Single Sign On mean?

To access Activ People HR modules through your company network or intranet without the need to enter a username and password, the system can be configured with two Single Sign-on implementation options. The options are available as an additional extra (one-off cost) to the standard configuration when deploying any of the Activ modules.

 This plays a key part in ensuring cloud based solutions can seamlessly interface with existing business systems.   It allows organisations to set up an automatic login for staff when they access Activ Absence without the need to additional usernames and passwords.

Staff access is quick and easy making it an integral part of an organisations administrative process, while offering real security.


What are the benefits of Single Sign On?

  • Simplifying the end-user experience with one system entry point
  • Once logged into the company network or intranet, no further usernames or passwords are required for Activ Absence
  • Less time requesting support due to forgotten passwords
  • Improved security as system accessed through the controlled company network
  • Centralised account compliance

What if I don’t want the Single Sign On option?

If you’re not using Single Sign On, Activ Absence allows organisations to set the security strength criteria of password in line with your password policies.


SAML 2.0

Activ Absence Single Sign OnĀ is implemented using SAML 2.0.

This approach supports W3C XML encryption to ensure security is not compromised.

Using this approach, we are able to provide SSO to a wide range of authentication systems including Active Directory.