British workers only take three-quarters of their holiday… does this sound familiar to you?

“The average UK employee only uses three quarters (77%) of their annual leave entitlement every year”. (Full story can be read here)
This leaves many organisations struggling as it’s peak time for staff to take their annual leave.
  • How are you managing at this busy time of year?
  • Do you have a clear idea when and who is taking time off?
  • What if you had clear visibility of staff availability across the company?
When it comes to managing your employee holiday entitlements, in our experience one size doesn’t fit all.

Activ Absence is an online absence management software system that enables you to flexibly manage staff holiday entitlements and sickness absences in the way that suits your organisation best.
Configure, holiday entitlements for employees as you require, enabling you to manage different entitlements based on seniority, length of service, country location or carry over rules.  Automatically calculate employee entitlements based on the rules you’ve defined, their start dates, working hours and working patterns.

During the leave year, if an employee’s working hours change, Activ Absence automatically calculates the new entitlement, saving you time and ensuring consistency and accurate information.

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