Our Marketing Coordinator, Kate, was on a local training course yesterday and ‘as you do’ at these events got chatting to the lady sat next to her. 
Being the true Marketeer as she is, Kate described what Activ Absence Control was all about and asked the lady the big question… “How do you currently manage all staff holidays and sickness?” 
The response we received was not an unusual one but still surprises us every time we hear it… “Ooh we just use a company spreadsheet because we are only a small business of around 50 people
The reason for this blog entry is to dispel the myth of companies believing you need to be a huge multi-national business to take advantage of a cloud based solution like Activ Absence Control. Yes we do have large corporate clients using our solution with over 2000 employees but we also have small businesses with as little as 10 people using it too. Everyone has the same business challenges – reduce administration, save time and cut staff sickness absence costs!
The system has been easy to use and for me as the administrator and all the staff with minimal training. The management of leave is so much easier and less time consuming. It has already paid for itself in the time saved!”
 – Laura Melbourne, Centre Manager, Surrey Law Centre 

If you currently use spreadsheets, paper or white board to manage your staff holidays and sickness don’t be embarrassed! Contact us today to see how we could save you time and money by clicking button below…