The Activ Absence team are always ‘game’ for a laugh, so thanks to our supercool boss and ‘Wimbledon Star’ Adrian Lewis for being our model!  
Whilst we always have fun at work, absence management is a serious matter. Sporting events like Wimbledon often result in a spike in unplanned absence as fans don’t want to miss important matches or overindulge in the Pimms and strawberries over the weekend! Identifying who’s off sick can be a challenge, but software can help.
For those keen to not miss key matches, canny managers can turn events like Wimbledon into an opportunity to build team morale by letting staff listen to the match on the radio and bringing in strawberries (or indeed, have managers dressing in tennis whites like Mr. Lewis above!)  
Turning a sickie-prone event into a win/win is one is a neat way to reduce unplanned absence, but obviously not every environment allows for this (may I add Mr. Lewis is dressed normally today!).
Obviously Wimbledon and other sporting events are not an everyday problem, but the cost of short term sickness absence IS a major issue in the UK.  Wearing his serious hat as our Commercial Director, Adrian said:
“Spikes in absenteeism represent a continual challenge for HR managers. Our software can help companies firstly get a grip on the implications of such problems and help inform directors to make the right decision in terms of how to deal with this issue.
“Many companies still use spreadsheets to record sickness, but they don’t give any ability to manage and analyse your data. Activ Absence is a brilliant way to keep on top of everything – and it saves businesses time and money.”
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