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The Smart Way to Manage Staff Absence

Absence management software that works smarter, not harder

  • Easy to use Online Staff Holiday Planner
  • Track Sickness Absence & any other type of leave
  • Part of the Activ People Cloud Based HR System
  • Self-service dashboard improves employee engagement

“Love the system and would be lost without it!” 

activ absence cloud based hr absence software

Cloud Based Software-as-a-Service

Cloud based HR software offers maximum flexibility

  • Accessible from a web browser on any device
  • Quick to get started, no software to download or install
  • Interfaces with any other HR and Payroll system
  • Administrator training and ongoing support included

“The cost is minimal in comparison to the savings made.”

staff holiday planner and office leave planner

Global Staff Holiday Planning

Plan staff holiday easily – even across global sites

  • Our Leave Planning Software calculates different staff holiday allowances for each country
  • HR can automatically support different public holidays for different Countries
  • Manage all types of leave for your national, mobile and international workforce
  • Prevent annual leave clashes with our powerful monitoring tools

“Accessible anywhere and easy to use.”

absence management reports to control absence

Report on who's off, when and why

Powerful absence reports – one mouse click

  • Analyse sickness absence trends
  • Control & plan staff holiday with our leave planner reports
  • Design your own absence and staff holiday reports
  • Report by staff group, department or business

“We run 2 sites and couldn’t envisage life without it!”

absence management system

Managing Sickness Absence - Return to Work

Return to work process is important

  • Ensures your sickness absence policies are applied consistently
  • Identify if people are ready to return from sickness absence
  • Identify patterns of staff absence & offer targeted support
  • We can customise forms to suit your needs – free!

… it’s vital when managing staff absence

leave planning software

Cloud based HR System

Upgrade to a Cloud Based full HR System  

    • Monitor and store confidential documents such as passports and driving licence
    • Create and Distribute an interactive staff policy handbook
    • Manage and monitor Performance Appraisals and record staff meetings
    • Manage Staff Training easily and effectively

“We can upgrade our HR system as we need to.”


Absence Management Software from Activ People HR

Sickness absence costs UK businesses £29 Billion.

23% of businesses dont even measure the cost of sickness absence.

Staff Holiday planning spreadsheets sap HR time.

Activ Absence management software is the solution.


Activ Absence management software enables HR to effectively manage ALL types of staff leave, both planned and unplanned.

Online Staff Holiday Planning

Activ Absence offers fantastic staff holiday planning features and can also track and manage any other leave such as medical leave, disability leave, compassionate leave etc. – HR can create their own leave types, too!

Managing Sickness Absence

For managing sickness absence, Activ Absence comes into its own, it is the best software for tackling absenteeism and managing both short term and long term staff sickness.

Online HR Software

Activ Absence is a fantastic online HR software tool for businesses of all sizes – from 5 users to 5000, and can be expanded into a full HR system by adding extra modules as needed.

Keep reading to learn more!

Better planning for HR Managers  

HR Managers love that once configured, Activ Absence mostly runs itself.  Mundane staff holiday planning queries are handled by staff themselves, almost instantly reducing HR interruptions.  The software can be configued to automatically alerts HR to any staff holiday problems, such as staff shortages or too much annual leave left in the business.  The powerful absence management features also eliminates much of the work involved in monitoring sickness absence – even absence management reports can be set to run automatically.   The built-in  return to work procedure ensures that sickness absence is managed consistently throughout the business, and prompts and reporting keep the team on track.  It’s like giving HR a much-needed extra pair of hands!

More Staff Holiday and Absence information for Line Managers

Activ absence management software is popular with line managers too!

Staff holiday planning becomes easier for them.  They automatically receive the necessary information to make a quick, one click, decision on an annual leave request, even if they aren’t logged into the software.  HR remain in control of the information they choose to share with line managers, though sharing some absence management reports with them can enable them to deal with first-line sickness absence issues in their team.

Improved Employee Engagement

Everyone is trying to improve employee engagement.  Activ Absence gives each employee their own dashboard that they can access anywhere, anytime.  That means they can place an annual leave request while they are at the travel agents, or with their partner.  They can also see their own Bradford Factor, which means they feel in control.

More control for organisations worldwide

Activ Absence is used by thousands of organisations across the world, from huge blue-chip household names to small and large charities.  While they like having happier HR Managers, they really love having improved control over absence management costs in their business.

Over time, sickness absence can mount up, sapping up budgets and HR time.  Activ Absence management software hands control back to HR.

We aren’t the only absence management system on the market – but try it for yourself, free for 30 days, and you will see why our customers say we are ‘the best’.

Eliminates the need for wall planners, spreadsheets and paper forms!

Complete sickness management system, manages genuine sickness and reduces absenteeism by 20-30%

Can expand into a full cloud-based HR system if you need more HR automation

Works online via your web browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone.  No hardware or software upgrades needed. 

Why businesses need an absence management plan:


Average sick days each

Cost per year in £

Not Managing Absence is expensive - how much is it costing you?

Find out

You may think your spreadsheets are free – but absence management systems can save you more than they cost.  That free ‘staff holiday planning spreadsheet’ could be costing your business more than you think.  Here’s what the experts say:

Effective people management policies are needed to promote engagement and attendance and therefore reduce absence.

Absence is a significant drain on British businesses. At a time when companies are striving for growth it is vital they address this cost.

Research increasingly shows that employers who manage attendance save money and improve effectiveness.

How Activ Absence management software helps HR:

Absence management reports help HR target wellness budgets effectively

The powerful reports in the Activ Absence management system enable HR to take a data-driven approach to deciding on budget priorities.

For example, if a high number of employees in a particular department are reporting back injuries, that data could highlight a need to review manual handling in that team.  If absence management data shows that flu or stress is prevalent in a particular team, HR can take action to intervene.

Using data to drive your decisions means you can allocate your staff wellbeing budgets into the measures most likely to make a direct impact on sickness absence.

Managing the Return to Work Process after a Period of Staff Sickness Absence


There is a complete return to work process built into the Activ Absence management system.

Built-in Return to work form

When staff return, they are automatically reminded to complete an online return to work form to certify the reason for sickness absence.  The system is also able to store GP ‘Fit for Work’ notes.

The absence management system then automatically forwards the return to work form to a manager (HR configures who this should be).  The manager will also see the employee’s sickness absence history and any sickness patterns or trends.

The manager will then review the return to work form, and ideally conduct a return to work interview.  The record of both the interview and the absence is stored by the system and made available in future reviews.


It is vital that your absence management policies are equally applied to all staff.  An automated return to work system ensures a consistent process.

Automatic Monitoring of Absence Management Trends 

Activ Absence management software monitors employee patterns of sickness absence  using configurable trigger points.

What does this mean for HR?

The Activ Absence management  system can be configured in line with your HR sickness policies to  automatically alert a manager when an employee sickness pattern ‘triggers’ a criteria you have configured into the trigger points, for example, 3 periods of absence in two months, or if an employees’ bradford factor score reaches a certain level.

HR is in control of defining the triggers, and also who gets alerted, when – so they are able to react to sickness absence patterns more quickly.

Activ Absence Management Reports Keep HR in Control of all types of Absence

It isn’t only sickness absence that sees people taking time off from work.

There are other types of leave too, such as compassionate leave, unpaid extra holiday, parental leave, study leave, medical leave – and some organisations have their own leave types.

The Activ Absence management system enables HR to report on all types of absence.  Reports can even be scheduled to be run automatically at set intervals, and as reports are accessed online via a web browser, HR can check in anytime, anywhere.

Activ Absence – the perfect Software to tackle Absenteeism

Activ Absence Management reports will help HR and line managers to identify when staff are possibly ‘pulling a sickie’, with useful reports like ‘1st Day Absence’ (helping you differentiate between a genuine short term illness and simple ‘Mondayitis’)

Better Absence Management reporting and recording

Staff sickness absence costs UK businesses up to £29 billion per year.   Reducing that figure involves managing employee sickness more effectively.  The Activ Absence management software helps HR do just that – as well as calculating exactly what sickness costs your business.


The Activ Absence management system accurately records sickness absence and the reasons staff give for the absence.

You may already record sickness absence on a spreadsheet, or in your accounts program.  This data, however cannot be useful unless it is reportable.  Activ Absence management reports ACTIVELY help HR analyse patterns and report on sickness absence trends.

Activ Absence Management Software Helps HR stay in touch with employees on long term sickness absence

If an employee is on long term sick, the system will remind HR when fit for work forms expire, and prompt them for new ones, automatically relieving the admin burden associated with managing long term sickness.

You are also able to set trigger points for when to use the Government’s fit for work service, or for a referral to occupational health.

Trigger points also remind you when to keep in touch with employees who are on long term sick, helping them to ‘stay in the loop’ with what is happening, reducing isolation and making it easier for

Sharing Bradford Factor scores with employees

The Activ Absence Management System will show HR and line managers an employee’s Bradford Factor score.  However, employees can also see their own score.


Employees log into the Activ Absence management system online using a PC, tablet or smartphone.  They can automatically see their Bradford Factor score when they log in.


When employees see that short term sickness absence is visible, absenteeism is often reduced.

Helps HR tackle Staff leave and absence management in a multi-site business

Modern HR teams are often asked to manage staff planning leave across multiple geographic locations.

Some absence management systems require staff to be all at one location, and the HR Manager to be present in order to run absence management reports.

As Activ Absence is an online absence management system, it works on any device with a web browser.  No matter where the HR manager is physically located, they can log in to the absence system and see who’s off, when and why.  They can also run detailed absence management reports.

What about Absence Management for Flexible and Remote Workers?

This system can eaily manage remote and flexible workers.  HR have full visibility of staff absence, flexible working and workers who work across multiple sites, and the staff holiday planner and absence tracker can be used anywhere.

You can easily manage any type of employee absence, anywhere across the world, and it is scalable – meaning it will work whether you have 6 staff or 6000.

Lastly, a major benefit is you can quickly recover your costs, which is something finance managers love!  Our absence management system will usually pay for itself within the first 12 months.

Users typically report 20-30% less sickness absence and vast savings in terms of administration costs and time.

Why Choose Activ Absence?

Activ Absence is the market leading, cloud based absence management software solution, and the most versatile application in it’s class.

Activ Absence is part of Activ People HR – this means that if you can add on other cloud based HR software modules to create your own HR system.

Other modules include:

  • HR document management
  • Software to manage Performance Appraisals
  • Software for Training Records
  • An Online Staff Handbook system

These can be added on at any point of your contract if required.

If you’d rather just use the HR tools you use already, the Activ Absence management system can be configured to work with them.

Our existing customers use our absence management system to extend the functionality of their existing software.  We have clients using Sage, SIMS, SAP, I-Trent, Peoplesoft, Ceridian, Oracle, ADP,  and more.

For clients on ERP packages like SAP, our absence management system is often significantly cheaper than purchasing the relevant module.

Bespoke and Tailored HR Solutions

For businesses with bespoke needs, we are ISO 27001 accredited, and have a team of security cleared developers who regularly work on government projects.

Our software developers are are equipped to customise or build specific functions to meet your needs.  Activ Absence really is the most flexible absence management solution on the market.

Using a Staff Holiday Planner

Leave management software enables you to take control of staff holiday planning – spreadsheets, paper forms and staff leave cathmlashes are a thing of the past!

Easier way to plan staff holiday

Staff can easily book annual leave using the staff holiday planner – it doesn’t need a call to HR and it’s available anytime, anywhere. Employees can see who’s off already when placing an annual leave request, so they know already if the leave request is likely to be approved.

Better management control of staff holiday

Staff holiday clashes are common with spreadsheets and paper form staff holiday systems.  The traditional ‘wall-based’ staff holiday planner may give visibility, but it is prone to human error

Activ Absence eliminates staff holiday planning disasters by helping managers plan annual leave more effectively.

How do staff use the online staff holiday planner?

The process is very simple.  It starts when an employee logs in to place an annual leave request, which they can do directly in the staff holiday planner, on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

When they log in, employees can see all their annual leave information, as well as who’s off, when, in their department.  This alone eliminates many of the intrusive calls that HR Managers associate with the staff holiday planning process.  They can place a leave request, anytime, anywhere, directly from the dashboard in the staff holiday planner.

How do Managers approve or reject Staff Holiday Requests?

After a staff holiday request is submitted, the staff holiday planning system sends it to the nominated line manager, who will approve or reject the leave request.  If two stage approval is required, this takes place automatically.

When the manager gets sent a request for approval, they are shown any other approved annual leave requests for that time.  They can then approve or reject staff holiday requests with a single click.

How can staff holiday software prevent skills shortages across the business?

The staff holiday planner can be configured to prevent job role clashes even where people work in different departments, (e.g. first aider, fork lift truck drivers) so you can ensure key skills are always available on site.

Using the Activ Absence Staff Holiday Planner, the wall planners, paper forms and spreadsheets, (along with the HR interruptions that accompany them), are eliminated altogether.

Leave Management Software manages all types of leave

HR manages lots of leave types in a modern organisation – not just annual leave.

Activ Absence offers a complete online absence management system that allows you to record and track ANY type of leave, both planned leave and unplanned leave.

Here’s just some of the leave types our users keep track of with Activ Absence:

  • Maternity Leave
  • Disability Leave (which
  • Paternity Leave
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Shared Parental Leave
  • Study Leave
  • Unpaid leave
  • Duvet Days
  • Planned and Unplanned Medical Leave
  • Leave earned through overtime and time off in Lieu

Activ Absence Management Software also allows HR to configure their unique staff absence types.

HR software can be complicated – we keep things simple:


Activ Absence - as simple as a cup of coffee

Nobody likes hidden surprises or complex agreements.  Our absence management software offers transparent pricing and includes full support from our knowledgeable UK-based team.

Oh… and our software costs less than buying each of your staff one cup of coffee a month.  Click here to get a quote

Absence Management Training for Administrators

The Activ Absence management system includes initial administrator training so your HR team can quickly access all the features.

Employee do not often need training, they find the staff holiday planner intuitive and simple.

Easily engage your staff

Staff love Activ Absence.

Staff holiday planning software is a big hit with employees.

They love using the staff holiday planner to place a holiday request in the travel agent, check remaining annual leave days or even monitor their own bradford factor score.

The online system engages employees and they feel empowered.

Absence management tools empower line managers

Line managers are crucial players in managing absence.

Activ Absence empowers line managers by giving them information to plan staff holiday within their team and manage staff sickness absence – without the need to call HR.

Managers can easily see who’s off,  when – any time, on any device.

Absence management benefits the Business

Activ Absence management tools gives businesses crucial HR data.

They can identify the causes, effects, cost and productivity implications of staff sickness absence.

Staff holiday planning is streamlined, administration time is drastically reduced and the HR sickness absence policies are automatically applied consistently throughout your organisation.

Lastly, your valuable HR people spend time nurturing talent, not tackling staff holiday planning queries.

Our customers love using Activ Absence:

Trusted by Thousands of Users Worldwide

We launched our first version of Activ Absence in 2006, and most of our original users are still using our market leading absence management software.

With every successive release we continue to work closely with HR consultants, employment lawyers and absence management specialists to make sure it continues to be the best in its field. We have saved thousands of users worldwide time and money and our prestigious blue chip client list is growing daily.

Set Trigger Alerts

Our absence management software uses trigger points to automate absence management.  Once a pattern of absence triggers an alert, the software automatically notifies the relevant managers.

Self-serve staff holiday planner

Staff request annual leave via the online staff holiday planner.  Requests can be approved or rejected in one click on any supported device, via a one or two stage approval process that you control.

Superior Reporting Tools

Our absence management software offers a wide choice of ready-to-run real-time graphical reports that can be run in real time with one click, or automatically mailed to nominated managers and HR.

No installation required!

Activ Absence management software is cloud based so deployment is quick and easy with no downloads, installation or hardware changes – even across multiple global sites. 

Bradford factor calculator

The bradford factor score is shown in the employee dashboard to deter absence.  Trigger alerts can be set to monitor & report on bradford factor scores.

Ongoing technical support

Our absence management software is simple to use, and our helpful UK based team provide ongoing support and advice.

What do our Customers Say:

Absence Management Software

“Easy to use, helpful support staff, really happy with the level of service.”

Borough Council of Wellingborough use Activ Absence Management Software

“Activ Absence management software ticks all the boxes for us and provides an overall picture of all absence. The ability for the system to meet our specific needs makes it even more valuable.”

Charles Stanley use Activ Absence Management Software

“Activ Absence is intuitive for our employees and our HR team have a base to actively monitor absence and the impact on business. The implementation was seamless and the on-going support is first class.

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