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Absence Management Software from Activ People HR

Plan staff holiday & manage staff sickness absence

  • Absence Management software with built in Staff Leave Planner
  • Staff Sickness Absence Tracking & Reports
  • Online tools to manage staff leave & absence
  • Part of the Activ People Cloud Based HR System

Our customers say:

“Activ Absence management works well for us, easy to see absence at a glance”

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staff holiday planner and office leave planner

Online Staff Holiday Planning Software

Activ Absence streamlines staff leave planning

  • Employees & line managers self-service annual leave requests
  • Calculate staff holiday allowances automatically
  • Automatically calculate leave allowances for different Countries
  • Streamline employee holiday planning across multiple sites

Our customers say:

“Employees love using the leave planner to book holiday”

Online leave planner - book a demoabsence management software - book a demo

absence management reports to control absence

Report on who's off, when and why

Unrivalled absence management reports

  • Analyse staff sickness absence with absence reporting tools
  • Absence reports allow HR to analyse absence & control staff leave
  • Distribute absence reports automatically
  • Report by staff group, department, site or throughout the company

Our customers say:

“Absence reports helped our business become more proactive”

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absence management system

Return to Work after Sickness Absence

Software supports the return to work process

  • Return to work form built in
  • Managers review sickness absence via the system
  • Identify if people are ready to return from sickness absence
  • Identify patterns of staff absence & offer targeted support

Our customers say:

“Long term sickness absence is managed more effectively.”

Book a demo to see how the staff sickness absence software works    Try Activ Absence - employee sickness absence software

activ absence cloud based hr absence software

Cloud Based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Cloud based HR software offers security & flexibility

  • Accessible from a web browser on any device
  • Supplied on a SaaS contract – no installation needed
  • ISO27001 certified supplier – your data is held securely
  • Fully supported by our exceptional support team

Our customers say:

“Activ’s technical support team are very responsive and always there to help”

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Absence Management Software from Activ People HR

Why HR Managers choose our leave planning software:

leave planner software

In a busy office, it’s hard to keep track of who’s off, when using  Excel spreadsheets, paper forms and office wall planners.  The online leave planner makes it easy:

Easy self-service leave planning for staff via the online office leave planner

Staff self service annual leave queries and request planned leave via the self-service online leave planner.

Employees can clearly see their remaining annual leave allowance, and who else in their team is off.  This guides staff to place sensible leave requests, reducing the chances of everyone requesting annual leave at the same time.

Easy leave planning decisions for line managers

Annual leave allowances are calculated automatically.  Line managers/HR see all leave information for their team and the individual when presented with a leave request.  This enables line managers to accept or reject leave planning requests with a single click.

HR team control staff holiday planning

The Activ Absence management system allows HR to restrict annual leave requests automatically during busy periods.  HR can set minimum staff holiday cover levels using trigger points.

HR can relax as staff holiday planning is effortlessly kept on track – and HR can access real time leave planning reports instantly.

Why HR Managers like our absence management tools:

absence management tools

Absence management software enables HR to tackle absenteeism via improved employee engagement, better management of sickness absence and remaining in control of long term sickness absence.

The Activ Absence management system engages employees by giving them their own online holiday dashboard.  Employees can see leave planning information anywhere, anytime.  They can also request annual leave at the touch of a button – even if they are sitting in the travel agents on a Saturday with their partner, and the ability for HR to respond quickly to leave planning decisions helps employees feel more valued.

Employees are also motivated to minimise their sickness absence – their personal dashboard also shows their individual Bradford Factor score & sickness absence record. The increased visibility of sickness absence discourages absenteeism.

Sickness absence management software covers every aspect of staff sickness

When staff report sickness absence, managers log the absence into the software.

As soon as employees return to work, the absence management software reminds them to complete an online back to work interview form.   Employees self-certify sickness absence online and the absence management system also stores GP ‘Fit for Work’ notes electronically.

Completed return to work interview forms are forwarded to a manager for review, enabling the manager to conduct a return to work interview.

The interviewer can see a report on the employee’s sickness absence history, bradford factor score and relevant sickness absence patterns or trends.  The interviewer can then determine whether HR support is appropriate, for example, with mental health illnesses, or disability related absence, or refer to HR for disciplinary if they feel there is an absenteeism issue.  Early absence management support increases the chances of a positive outcome for both employer and employee.

Bradford factor calculator

Showing employees their Bradford Factor Score helps tackle absenteeism

Showing employees their Bradford Factor score helps in tackling absenteeism in itself.

The Activ Absence system also allows HR to set trigger point alerts so that if a Bradford Factor score reaches a certain level, the right people are notified.  This makes tackling absenteeism easy, it can be nipped in the bud and dealt with at line manager level, rather than escalated to HR.

HR remain in control and do not have to take action on Bradford Factor scores unless appropriate.

Helping HR Manage Long Term Sickness Absence

If an employee is on long term sick, good absence management software will automatically remind HR when GP ‘fit for work’ forms expire.  This relieves the admin burden associated with managing long term sickness.

HR can also set trigger points for when to use the Government’s fit for work service, or for a referral to occupational health.  We even have an occupational health partner who offers a discount to Activ Absence customers.

Finally the absence management system can be configured to help maintain contact with employees who are on long term sick, helping them to ‘stay in the loop’ with what is happening, reducing isolation and making it easier for HR to plan their phased return to work.

The Power of Absence Management Reports

absence management reports

Powerful Absence Management Reports keep HR in control

It isn’t only sickness absence and staff holiday that needs to be managed by true absence management software.

There are other types of leave too, such as compassionate leave, unpaid extra holiday, parental leave, study leave, medical leave.  Some organisations have their own leave types.

The powerful absence management reporting tools in Activ Absence deliver real-time absence tracking for all types of leave.  Leave management reports can be scheduled to be run automatically and emailed at set intervals, although reports can also be run online on demand.

Activ’s Absence management tools give HR access to sickness absence trends, such as ‘Day 1 Absence Reporting’.  Data will tell you, categorically, who’s off, where, when and why, and how much all types of absence are costing your organisation.

Using absence management reports to make data driven decisions

Initiatives to improve staff wellbeing and reduce staff sickness are often random, but absence management software helps businesses target funds to initiatives that will derive the biggest reduction in staff sickness absence

Utilising the powerful absence reports in the Activ Absence system enables HR to take a data-driven approach when assigning wellness budgets. The power of absence management data is huge and can make savings across the business.  HR decisions are more informed and budgets are channelled into effective solutions.

Users of Activ Absence Management Software say:

Absence Management Software

“Activ Absence management software is easy to use, with helpful support staff.  Really happy with the level of service.”

Borough Council of Wellingborough use Activ Absence Management Software

“Activ Absence management software ticks all the boxes for us and provides an overall picture of all absence. The ability for the system to meet our specific needs makes it even more valuable.”

Charles Stanley use Activ Absence Management Software

“Activ Absence is intuitive for our employees and our HR team have a base to actively monitor absence and the impact on business. The implementation was seamless and the on-going support is first class.

Absence management experts say:

Effective people management policies are needed to promote engagement and attendance and therefore reduce absence.

Absence is a significant drain on British businesses. At a time when companies are striving for growth it is vital they address this cost.

Research increasingly shows that employers who manage attendance save money and improve effectiveness.

Activ Absence Management Tools for HR:

Set Trigger Alerts

Trigger points can be configured to suit your HR policies.  Set triggers for:

  • Sickness absence
  • Bradford Factor
  • Staff Holiday Planning

Self-serve staff leave planner

  • Annual leave calculator
  • Self service leave enquiries
  • Place requests using online leave planner
  • Approve/reject with one click
  • More control for HR

Powerful Absence Reports

Run powerful absence management reports on any type of leave.  Analyse sickness absence & monitor bradford factor scores.

No installation required!

  • Cloud based HR software
  • supplied on a SaaS contract  
  • No software downloads, works on web browser
  • No installation or hardware changes

Bradford factor calculator

  • Employee sees Bradford Factor
  • Set Bradford Factor Trigger Points
  • Run Bradford Factor Reports
  • Line manager can see Bradford Scores

Ongoing technical support

  • Industry leading support
  • Support team all UK based
  • Administrator training included
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