Absence Management Reports and Analysis

absence management reports from Activ Absence

Activ Absence management reports have been designed to support HR Managers in managing sickness absence.

They need to identify sickness absence trends, such as Bradford Factor Scores, identify and quantify the cost of sickness absence and more importantly, use the absence management data to take action.

The absence reports in Activ Absence gives HR Managers easy access to the information they need.

The absence reporting selection criteria makes it easy to select and analyse the HR data you need.  There are pre-configured search filters to save you time in selecting the commonly used absence reports, helping your business make informed decisions around staff leave and absence.

What absence management reports are available?

Activ Absence Management Reports are very easy to use.  There are a wide range of pre-configured reports, with attractive graphics for ease of use.

There are too many absence reports to list, but here are some of the most common reports used by Activ Absence customers:

  • ‘Day 1’ Sickness Absence Report –  easily identify who frequently reports themselves sick on Monday and Friday
  • Headline Absence Report – analyses sickness absence throughout the business
  • Staff Holiday Report – leave remaining – Alerts HR to remaining annual leave, so they can prompt staff to book.
  • Bradford factor report – Reports on short term sickness absence
  • Annual Leave Summary Report – a summary report on annual leave across the business
  • Cumulative Leave & Leave Type Report – gives a summary report on all types of absence
  • TOIL Balance & Staff Cover Levels Report
  • Sickness Absence Analysis Report
  • Days lost by Month
  • Absence days by type – find out what illnesses are costing you money
absence reports keep hr in control

Who can access absence management report information?

Access to the absence management reports is configurable with multi-level access – meaning HR are in control of the reports that line managers have access to.

Extending limited absence management reporting abilities to Line Managers means that they are able to manage their teams more effectively with less reliance on HR – but HR remains in control.

What if I still need to produce absence reports in Excel?

Activ Absence management software provides you with absence reporting tools – so you won’t need to use spreadsheets any more if you don’t want to.  You can even automate the system so that scheduled absence reports are automatically sent to your inbox.

However, if for some reason you still need absence reports in Excel spreadsheet format (for example, to present your absence management reports to the board) then you can export all the leave and sickness absence reports, subject to your access level, directly from Activ Absence into a spreadsheet.

The absence reports can also be imported into your other HR systems by exporting them in CSV format.