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Improve Absence Management & Reduce Sickness Absence

Show me how

How do YOU manage absence from work?

Here’s some common ways companies record absence:


Post it Notes


Paper Forms



Whilst these tools help you record absence, they aren’t absence management tools and won’t give you data or analysis.

However, a  recent survey found that 23% of UK businesses don’t even keep records on staff  sickness absence.  The cost of staff absence, however, add up.

What do the CIPD say about Absence Management?

CIPD Absence Management Report

The CIPD Annual Employee Absence Survey reports om sickness absence data across a wide range of industries.  In 2016, staff sickness was equal to 6.3 days absence per staff member, although this is significantly higher in the public sector.

Here’s how sick days add up for an employer with 200 staff:

No. of staff

No. of sick days each

Lost working days

The Activ Absence management system typically reduces absence by 25-30%.

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Absence Management tools for tackling short term absence

Short term absence is often the most disruptive.  This impact is illustrated by the Bradford Factor.

Activ Absence has tools to implement an effective short term absence management strategy in line with your HR policies.


Accurate Absence Recording

A Robust Return to Work Process


The Bradford Factor & Trigger Points

Absence Analysis & Reports

Absenteeism and the excuses staff make

Excuses for short term sickness absence

Whilst staff taking sickies is no laughing matter, some of the sickie excuses we’ve heard have made us smile.

We compiled some of the best excuses into our video – which became an instant hit:

Absence Management tools for long term Sickness Absence

Long term employee sickness requires a different management approach.

Employers will want to minimise the period of absence, carefully manage and record every step of the process, and support the employee to return to work when they are ready.  Activ Absence can assist in many ways:



Track GP Fit for Work Notes

A Robust Return to Work Process


Trigger Points for Regular Reviews

Referrals to External Professionals

Absence Management Policy

Having a formal absence management policy both ensures and demonstrates consistent handling of sickness absence.

Activ Absence supports your absence management policy and is configured specifically to work the way you do.

If you don’t have an absence policy, Activ Absence helps you put a formal framework in place, and the trigger points and absence reports give HR the tools they need to monitor it automatically.  The system itself deters sickness absence.

Businesses report a 20-30% reduction in short term sickness absence from using Activ Absence..

Using Absence Management Data to drive wellbeing

Staff wellbeing can form part of your absence management strategy – but using absence management data can ramp up the impact of your wellness initiatives, by helping you focus on the right areas.


Our customer, Verizon Fleetmatics recently told Employee Benefits Magazine howActiv Absence was driving wellbeing in their organisation:

“The data enables us to spot issues across our workforce and take steps to address them before they escalate,” he adds. “It also means we have the metrics to support our business case and, by continuing to monitor the data, demonstrate the return on investment.”