Annual Leave Calculator

How the Activ Absence annual leave calculator works

Calculating annual leave is so complex that ACAS have a guide dedicated to it.  Our built-in annual leave calculator makes it easy.

One of the most time-consuming tasks for HR Managers is calculating individual annual leave allowances, especially when staff work different hours and often work in different locations with different bank holidays.

Activ Absence calculates leave allowances automatically.  Staff can clearly see their personal leave allowance and request holiday in their staff holiday planner.  Any leave taken is then automatically deducted.

This enables HR to:

  • Manage annual leave for full time, part time and temporary staff
  • Manage time off in lieu
  • Customise leave calculations in line with company policies,
  • reduce annual leave administration
  • calculate different allowances for overseas staff
  • manage different public holidays in different regions
  • easy to run annual leave reports
  • very easy to use for staff, line managers and HR

The system can also be configured to manage any leave carryover from one year to the next in line with your HR policies – so your dreaded end-of-holiday-year report can be run at the touch of a button.

The annual leave calculator function vastly frees up HR Managers time, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Our Customers Say…

“Adopting Activ Absence has allowed us to have a totally paperless system for submitting and approving holiday and time off requests, for reporting staff absences and informing team members, and for updating staff of their annual leave entitlement.

“We also make use of the Return to Work function, and use the reports for monitoring absence levels and receiving alerts of trigger points. Staff have easily taken to the system, and team leaders are better informed of staff availability and planned absences.

“Simply,…. no going back to the old system. Codel support staff were very helpful in assisting us design bespoke reports and alerts.”

Gwilym Elis Jones, Chief Executive, Cynnal

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