Online Staff Holiday Planner

Our Online Leave Planner helps HR:

  • Manage staff holiday planning, even across multiple sites
  • Employees self-service staff holiday requests and annual leave queries
  • HR manage access to staff holiday planning information
  • Calculate annual leave allowances automatically
  • Superb employee holiday reporting tools
  • Manage multiple countries & bank holidays
online staff holiday planner shown on tablet, pc and mobile phone

How staff plan holiday using Activ Absence

Employee self service:

  • Log in to the online leave planner anywhere, anytime
  • Access via browser on PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • See their remaining staff holiday allowance
  • See who’s off in their team, when
  • Place staff holiday requests for approval

Staff love planning holiday with Activ Absence


staff holiday planning - staff can use an app to book leave online

Benefits of Activ Absence for HR and Line Managers

Plan staff holiday without interruptions:

  • Online staff holiday planner shows team information 24/7
  • Access via browser on PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • See staff holiday planning information for their team/company
  • Approve employee holiday requests with one click
  • Second leave approver option
  • Central access to staff holiday planning information
  • Restrict staff leave during busy periods
  • HR control how much information line managers see

Staff Holiday Planning tools save HR time and improve planning

leave planner using a tablet to book staff holiday

Report on Planned Staff Holiday

staff holiday planner and staff holiday reports

Staff holiday reports are often done manually.  For many HR Managers, the biggest challenge is the ‘end of year’ absence report. In Activ Absence, the end of year staff holiday report is a one click affair.

Other staff holiday reports are accessible instantly, including:

  • Employee leave booked already
  • See planned leave by team
  • Report on accrued Time off in Lieu
  • Annual Leave summary
  • Cumulative leave summary
  • Leave type
  • Cover levels report

However, it’s not all about reports.  HR can use configurable trigger points to control staff holiday planning requests.

Setting minimum cover levels during critical business periods will ensure continuity – automatically.

Getting even more from your Staff Holiday Planner

online staff holiday planner dashboard on tablet

Activ Absence’s online staff holiday planner transforms staff holiday planning.   However, it can transform other areas of HR too.

It is a powerful HR tool, and its flexibility allows you to integrate your company’s policies, culture and processes – and can even be expanded to a full cloud based HR system when you need additional features.

The software can be customised to meet your specific needs:

  • Add your company logo
  • Set up and administer your own leave types
  • Set different levels of access for different managers
  • Set up multi-stage leave approval if required
  • Configure shift policies and weekend working patterns
  • Manage public holidays, even in different countries
  • Block book company holidays & define restricted days
  • Implement length of service increments
  • Set up your own holiday accrual rules
  • Automatically apply your company’s leave carry over policy
  • Record annual leave in hours and days
  • Add other HR software modules as needed