Trigger Point Alerts

When it comes to managing 10 staff, you probably know who is absent from work and will notice if 2 or 3 of your team take lots on Mondays and Fridays off. When you are managing 100 or 1000 staff, that pattern is can be much harder to spot even if you are recording the absence.

Of course, one of your colleagues might spot it, raise their hand and tell you! Even better though is having a system that will automatically identify key absence trends and alert you when an absence pattern is forming. The term for this is ‘trigger point alert’.

With Activ Absence, you can set trigger point alerts for the criteria that is important to you. The system will then alert you by email automatically that the trigger has been met in order for you to take the appropriate action in line with your company standards and policies.

Examples of some of the trigger point alerts you can configure include:

· 3 spells of absence in 3 months
· when an employee reaches a certain Bradford Factor
· prompt staff to book their leave throughout the year to avoid a year end bottleneck
· monitor specific health conditions in order to react from day 1 e.g. stress/anxiety
· alert when key personnel are absent
· alert when staff levels in a department fall below a specific level
· an employee reports in sick on a previously declined day off
· follow up reminders for staff on long term sickness
· automated reminder to line managers for authorised outstanding leave requests

Activ Absence can be configured to work the way you do, so once a monitored condition has been met the system will send the alert to whoever needs it to, e.g. the employee, department managers, HR, operations etc.

Think of it as having an extra person in HR that spots the things a busy manager might not get chance to look out for.